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It’s been awhile

My bad… it’s been awhile since I have posted. Admittedly, it is hard for me to log on to my website everyday. It’s hard to log on very often. My good friend has been posting to my site so much easier. I’ll be able to keep this up everyday (ok, many days). As you read…
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My Bad is it Day 2?

Let’s recap the day. I rolled out of bed later than I wanted to. Apparently, I turned off the alarm instead of snooze. After rushing everyone around as mad women tend to do, I took my girls out to lunch, shopping and cello lessons. Over the next few days, I’ll introduce you to my family,…
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Welcome to 2022

I promised a friend (Asshole) that I would start a blog journey with her. Let’s backtrack. It was supposed to be a book but asshole decided to make a fucking blog. Here I am writing a blog for her. Geez… Things we do for friends. Well, what we do for friends is another blog post.…
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